Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Why Home Care Is A Good Option For Your Elderly Family Member

As people age, their ability to live on their own becomes compromised for a variety of reasons. Families often dread the idea of putting an elderly family member in an assisted living facility, but that does not always need to be the case. If an elderly family member can care for themselves in basic ways, then there are services an elder care assistance company can offer that can keep your family member in their own home.

Medication Monitoring

One of the more significant benefits of in-home care for the elderly is medication monitoring services. Elderly family members, no matter how able they are to care for themselves, can often get their medications confused or they can forget to take them. By having a certified nurse come to your elderly family member's home every day, you can rest easy knowing they are getting their medication as it was prescribed each and every day.

Home Maintenance

A fear that family members have when it comes to the elderly is that they will not be able to maintain a clean home to allow for good health. An in-home service can provide home maintenance that would include regular cleaning, linen service and minor repairs. For major problems, the in-home associate can contact the family about bringing in a proper repair professional.

Personal Care

For many elderly people, basic personal care activities can be difficult to perform. To have the independence needed to live in their own home, an elderly family member needs to be able to attend to personal care activities such as using the restroom and showering. An in-home care associate can help with those activities and make sure your elderly family member is safe and healthy.

An in-home care associate can often be a less expensive and more preferred option for elderly care. A family can consult with its doctor to see if an in-home care associate would be enough to allow an elderly family member to remain living in their own home.


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