Wednesday, June 13, 2018

How To Feel Better After A Personal Tragedy

We all wish that we could lead lives where nothing ever went wrong and where we never experienced pain, loss and suffering. The sad truth is that even the best people will experience tragedy myriad times throughout the course of their lives. This can often come in the form of the loss of a loved one.

It's normal to feel grief, pain and heartache immediately after losing someone you love. However, after a few months, society expects us to eventually carry on and get back to our lives. However, if you're experiencing grief, this can feel impossible.

There's no right or wrong timeline when it comes to getting over a tragic life event. However, there are absolutely things you can do to start to feel better again. Here's how to feel better after a personal tragedy.

Reach Out To Someone You Love

People aren't meant to endure tragic life events alone. This is why it's important to have people in your life who you can talk to about your feelings. Surround yourself with supportive people who will be there for you if you're feeling especially sad and need someone with whom you can talk and share your feelings.

Do Something Good

Many people who've experienced a personal tragedy find that their pain is lessoned when they engage in volunteer work, such as working with a not-for-profit music program that helps them to sing a song of hope. When we do something good for others without expecting anything in return, it helps us to feel better. Volunteer work can be a great way to make yourself feel more uplifted and content in the wake of a personal tragedy.

Forgive Yourself

Nothing good will come of you getting angry at yourself for not feeling better faster. In fact, it will only make you feel worse. During this emotional period of your life, it's important that you forgive yourself and allow yourself to experience whatever emotions you might be feeling.

A tragedy can feel like the end of the world. However, there's always hope. It might take time, but eventually feeling happy won't feel like something you have to force yourself to do.


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