Sunday, May 20, 2018

Wildlands Adventure zoo

We went to visit Wildlands Adventure zoo at the beginning of this month. We were planning to go to this place since Autumn last year. For few reasons, we did postpone a few times. The entree prize of this place is expensive, that's why we wanted to make sure that we saw everything. From our city, it took around 2 hours. We arrived around 10.30 and there were already lots of people. This adventure zoo has four main areas: Jungola, Serenga, Nortica and Animazia with 22 hectares. It is really huge place to explore in one day. We did visit 3 main areas except Animazia.

First explored was Jungola. It was warm and everything are close on the roof in this area. I couldn't take a good photos in this area because condensation took a hold on my lens. At Rimbula river, we explored the area with a boot. Lucky us, we didn't have to wait long.


Then we explored Serenga area, this area is a little bit chillier than Jungola. I like this area, because it was SO huge with gorgeous view. Matthew was starting tired and nagging, all he wanted was sitting. We had to wait nearly one hour before we could take a sit in the truck on Serenga Safari. This tour was only 10 minutes. While we were waiting, we saw few people just give up after waiting more than 30 minutes in lines. 
Serenga Safari

Last stop was Nortica area. At Artic 1, we saw a 4D movie about North Pool area. It took around 10-15 minutes. Too bad we miss the Nortica show.

It was really tired and fun dayout.


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