Thursday, May 17, 2018

Overland trip planner

If you are thinking to go on a major off road expedition, then you need to engage the services of an experienced and professional overland trip planner. Putting together such an expedition, training for, fitting it out, and preparing for it is full-time work. Some of these companies have it down to such a science that they even offer adventure-specific sustainment crates. These include everything you need along with comfort. The services of an adventure company include planning and coordinating the trip, preparing the vehicle, and safety and driving training or guiding.

Trip Planning and Coordination

The first obstacle to putting together such a trip is coming up with a destination where you may off road both legally and safely. You need a service with connections and contacts to recreational facilities and properties, park services, and communities and locales. This is where places suitable for such off road trips come together. The company will also handle lodging, food, trail guides, and vehicle recovery if a guide does not come standard with the package.

Vehicle Preparation

Properly outfitting the right vehicle for the conditions you will encounter is crucial for a safe and rewarding off road adventure. A trip planner will have contacts with certified vehicle dealers to ensure that the vehicle comes appropriately and professionally outfitted for the trip. This is true whether your vehicle will be a Jeep, a Land Rover, or even a helicopter form of vehicle transportation. 

Safety and Driving Training

A trip planner will have many effective partnerships with large national firms that provide well-trained instructors for safety and driving training, guiding, vehicle recovery, the correct use for modified or stock vehicles, and first aid administration. It is key to both arrive and return from your adventure trip alive and in good physical condition. These training teams are ideal for bigger adventuring groups too. 

There is absolutely no reason to go it alone when you decide to go off road adventuring. Proper planning, vehicle procurement and modification, and training or guiding are essential elements in making sure that such a trip is both fun and ultimately a great success. A trip planner can put all of these elements together to make sure your trip is one to remember.


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