Thursday, May 10, 2018

Creating a Family-Friendly Backyard

An ideal way to strengthen the bond between parents and children and between siblings is to spend time enjoying outdoor activities. This is a time when all of those technological gadgets should be left inside so that they don’t distract from family time. Creating a family-friendly backyard will also provide you a place for hosting birthday parties and weekend parties that your family and friends are sure to enjoy.

Nature-themed Backyard Additions
There are many benefits to adding a garden space to your backyard. Gardens provide wonderful teaching opportunities regarding food source,growth cycles and nutrition. They encourage anticipation while also teaching patience.  Children are often more willing to give new foods a try if they helped with the growing process. A vegetable garden isn’t the only garden activity families can enjoy. Planting a butterfly garden, herb garden or aromatic garden is also a fun family activity.

You can create a fantastic game area in your backyard that your kids and their friends will love spending time in. You can also incorporate games such as cornhole, horseshoes and badminton that adults and kids can enjoy together. Special additions such as cornhole lights will allow you to extend the family’s playing time into the evening hours. 

Outdoor Dining Space
Seize every opportunity you can to enjoy outdoor time with the family when the weather permits. You don’t need an elaborate dining table or fancy outdoor kitchen.  A picnic table or a blanket on the ground is all you need to enjoy a family meal outdoors. A gazebo can function as a dining space for the family and entertainment space for party guests. 

Special Features
Kids can enjoy hours of playtime in the backyard if there’s a playhouse back there. Swings, a sandbox, a tent, an art center, a climbing wall and other fun features that you create are excellent ways to diversify the play options for kids. 

Creating a family-friendly backyard gives you a great location to host summer parties. The atmosphere is more relaxed outside and the activities more diverse. 


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