Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Adding Fun To The Pool

After designing your pool and getting it installed, there might be a few amenities that you want to add to make it a fun place for the family as well as visitors who come over. Consult with a fiberglass pools Missouri company about slides and diving boards that can be added when the pool is being installed. These are common additions that result in hours of entertainment. The slide can be curved or have twists and turns depending on the design that you want. An option for the diving board would be to add lights underneath that light up when someone bounces. 

Another option that you want to consider is the size of the pool compared to the number of inflatables that you plan to use in the water. Larger inflatables come in fun designs and shapes, but they can sometimes take up a significant amount of room. Consider smaller floats or beach balls that can be thrown around while you're in the water. However, if you do decide to invest in large floats, consider a shark or another design that looks like an animal that lives in the ocean. 

A climbing wall for the pool is a different idea that you might not have considered. The wall attaches to one end of the pool. One person at a time takes turns trying to reach the top before climbing back down or jumping into the water. Water balls are an idea to consider if you like to stay active without swimming all the time. The balls are large enough for one person to fit inside, and you use your body weight to push them around the pool. Turn your pool water a different color with products that you can get from most pool companies. It usually takes about five days for the color to fade, giving you plenty of time to swim in a colorful oasis of fun.


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