Thursday, December 28, 2017

Two weeks in Jakarta

Last time I went back to Jakarta was 10 years ago. This year, my brother and his family who lives in Perth - Australia wanted to visit Jakarta. My mother told me that I need to come home this year to meet him. Next day after St. Nicholas, I took a plane to Jakarta for two weeks.

I felt little bit strange to visit my birth city after so many years. There were so many new buildings and the street were never sleep, too many vehicles. I was so excited to meet my mother and brother, also my nephews for the first time. 
Dave & Nathan

Before I go, I did plan so many places that I would like to visit but when I was there I didn't feel want to go anywhere. Maybe because the weather was too hot for me. I get use to it with European weather. 

I was lucky that I could meet my classmates from economic high school. I felt blessed that they would like to meet me. We spent a great time laughing and chatting together. Time flew to fast while I was with them.

It was hard not to be with my boys for two weeks. I tried to video call with them everyday. The first 3 days was hard. Matthew was crying after video call with me. It was sad to hear that. I was glad the rest from the weeks took more easily for us.

Back to the Netherlands was not too easy. I was sad leaving my mother alone. Usually, the plane took around 14 hours but this time I had to flight 15 hours because of the weather. I was really tired when I was landing in Schiphol - Amsterdam and then I heard that my baggages left in Jakarta. It was because for safety, the plane could not take too much baggages that's why some of the baggages were sending the next day to Amsterdam. I received my baggages two days later. 


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