Sunday, December 10, 2017

Should you about giving your kids sugary drinks on a regular basis?

This is an age-old debate. One made greater as of late by the thousands of kids that develop weight problems while sipping on loads of soft drinks all day. Here are a few facts about sugary drinks that might change your mind about what your kiddos ingest on a daily basis. 

Sugar is Addictive

Sugar is a top-ranked addiction, often with the same studied side effects as drugs. Things that taste good release feel-good chemicals throughout your body, which sugar rushes your system and results in a want, a NEED, for more. To say that sugar is merely addictive is an understatement, but there are few words that could accurately go towards describing its hold over people.

Too Much Sugar Has Been Linked to Obesity and Related Health Problems

Sugar in moderation is okay, but too much has been linked to obesity and serious health problems, such as diabetes and heart disease. Sugary drinks, like sodas and sugar-loaded fruit juices, can expand your waistline, rot your teeth, and do significant damage to your internal organs. Especially if you consume the adult norm of 4 to 5 sugary drinks a day. 

Your Kids Don’t Need Soda – Plain and Simple

Soft drinks are considered a luxury, especially in America. But kids never NEED soda. It’s not a necessity. Sure, it’s cute watching that first spark of sugar rush light their little eyes, but for what price? A lifetime of moderation problems? Sometimes it’s better to simply say NO, stand firm, and offer water instead. 

Good, Healthy Habits Now Will Likely Pass to Adulthood

Children are molded into adults by their childhood experiences. Ergo, the habits you instill now will likely follow them throughout their life. Start them on the path to good health with nutritious foods and lots of water now, and they will likely pass those habits into their adulthood. Which inevitably passes down to their kids, and so on. You have the ability to instill the knowledge of good health for generations through your family. 

Sugar is so often a parental debate because there’s the old versus dilemma. You have some parents asking, “what could it hurt to have a soda every once in a while?” While other parents are saying, “I will never deny my child anything he or she wants.” According to several clinics of North Tampa behavioral health, both mindsets can be detrimental to kids and their health. But you have to decide what’s right for your family based on personal research. So, do your homework. Read up on the effects of sugar on kids and make the conscious decision to raise a healthier generation. 


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