Friday, March 10, 2017

How to Choose the Best Gift for Father's Day

Father's Day is the third Sunday in June, and it serves as an opportunity to thank and honor our fathers for all that they do. Traditionally, we thank our fathers by hosting barbecues, going on picnics, or going out to eat. We also usually give fathers a card that expresses our sentiment and a gift that is appropriate for the day. In the old days, people often gave their father a new tie, which he could wear to the office or at special events. Now, however, that's gone out of style. Instead, choose a father's day gift that speaks to your dad.

First of all, ask yourself what you dad likes to do. Buy him a gift that matches his hobbies and interests so that you'll know he'll actually enjoy it. For example, if he loves collecting firearms, get him some new gun cleaning supplies from a company like Militaria Press. He'll appreciate the gesture and the fact that it will show you know about him and what he cares about. This is much better than a meaningless mug or plaque that says something cliched about Father's Day.

Alternatively, consider buying your father tickets to an event or other experience that you can share together. Studies show that people are actually more satisfied after received experiential gifts than they are when they get objects, even if the objects cost more money. By spending time together, you'll also get a valuable opportunity to bond with your dad and make real memories together. This experience is more valuable than any trinket you may be able to buy for them at a store. Choose tickets to a game or concert, or look into something really wild like white water rafting or kayaking. 

Finally, make sure that you take the time to write a note or speak face-to-face with your dad about your true feelings. No gift or even experience can be as meaningful as a heartfelt talk with your father. When you take the time to thank him for all that he's done, it will stay with him for the rest of his life. An honest sentiment is much more powerful than any object. If talking is difficult, just put a sincere message in the card that you choose for him.

Take time this Father's Day to truly thank your dad. He'll appreciate it.


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