Thursday, December 8, 2016

Baskets For The Season

The holiday season is a time of giving. There are friends and family who are often easy to shop for, and then there are those who are a little more difficult to shop for, such as employers or acquaintances. An idea if you are unsure what to get is one of the many corporate Christmas gift baskets that you can make yourself. You can make a basket with a theme, or you can combine a few items together that the employer will enjoy during the day or throughout the entire winter season. 

For the person who likes to cook, consider a sweet and savory basket that is full of everything from cornbread mix to a small skillet. You can add an orange or two along with a jar or marmalade or honey that can be used on top of the cornbread after it's made. Biscuit mix is another option with this basket. You could also create a grilling basket for the person who enjoys being outdoors. The basket should be one that has a bit of a rustic appearance or even a picnic basket that has a tablecloth inside that could be used on a picnic table. Add items like tools that are used for grilling as well as seasonings that the person could put on meats and other foods that are on the grill. 

There's nothing like watching a good movie during the holiday season. A fun corporate basket is one that includes items for enjoying movies with the family or alone. You could get a popcorn tub for the basket, filling it with yellow paper to blend with the color of the popcorn. Add popcorn that is popped and not popped so that the person has a choice of what kind to make. You could also include a few movies or tickets to go see a movie at a theater. A baking basket made with a bundt pan as the base is ideal for someone who likes to bake. Add items like a whisk, measuring cups and packets of cake mixes or brownie mixes for the person to enjoy.


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