Friday, April 15, 2016

The Snug Rug - The Wonderful Reindeer Hide

Why Reindeer Rugs Are So Incredible If you're a person who likes to stay on top of interior design trends, you probably know all about reindeer rugs. You've probably even thought about getting a reindeer rug for your residence. If you want to give your home's design scheme a look that's a dazzling combination of natural, exotic and cosy, not many things can be better than a rug that's made out of reindeer skin. Reindeer hide rugs are ideal for people who like to stand out. If you're not someone who ever wants to settle for home decor that looks bland, ordinary and dull, you should think about getting a reindeer rug. These rugs are always visually interesting. This is thanks to reindeer skin. If you look at a photo of a few reindeer together, you'll notice that their skin is never identical. The patterns always appear distinctive. Their colours are often distinctive as well. Cream, grey, brown and light tan colours are all common. If you like natural looking colours that don't command too much attention, reindeer rugs should definitely capture your heart. These rugs are always as 'individual' and 'special' as the animals on their own!

People often adore these rugs due to their effortless appeals. Although these rugs can look refined and fashionable, they can also look easygoing and carefree. They work well in all types of living spaces. If you're trying to design a city flat that has a sleek and cool appeal, for example, introducing a lovely reindeer rug should work just fine. If you're trying to design a bright and airy country residence that's comfortable and inviting, adding a reindeer rug to it should be just as good an idea. Reindeer rugs are great for all homes regardless of their basic designs.

These rugs make fantastic options for people who are concerned about fading colour. Reindeer skin rugs are equipped with colours that are 100 percent natural. This means that they're nothing like the colours that are seen in dyed fabrics. This, in turn, means that there's no real risk of the colours fading and looking lackluster and dull. If you want to keep a home rug that's full of vivid colour even after several years have passed, a reindeer rug will definitely give you some peace of mind. Rug replacement can be a time-consuming task. It can often be an expensive one as well. If you want to keep a home rug that's radiant and vibrant but don't want to have to worry about frequent replacement, selecting a reindeer rug may be optimal.

Reindeer rugs work beautifully in most areas of the home. That's another reason they're so popular. They're frequently spotted in studies, bedrooms and living rooms, for example. Although these rugs are great for most parts of the home, they're not suitable for use in bathrooms. This is because bathrooms tend to be moist and damp environments. Humidity can, with time, be destructive to reindeer hide.

Reindeer rugs feel incredibly soft and luxurious. If you want to go to sleep every night with a massive smile on your face, you may want to put a reindeer rug by your bed. It can be amazing to climb into a bed immediately after walking on a rug that feels this soft and magnificent. If you're serious about home comfort, getting a reindeer rug should be on your 'to do' list.


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