Friday, August 21, 2015

Finally updates

It's been a while since my last posts. I have been busy lately with the boys & my online stores. These are some updates from my last posts until now:

1. Hubby was taking days off from his work on the week 4 & 5 school vacations. Those two weeks we had a very busy schedule, took days out for the boys. We went to few amusement parks. 

2. We celebrated Jason's 9th birthday in simple way with families & a good friend family.
Jason's birthday party

3. I accidentally open two new fashion stores. The last store that I open, it was before I got an invitation from the owner/manager of the site. So....I thought why not give a try. At this moment, although I do have more lots of time after the boys go to school again but I am not sure yet which store will I keep it. I will see what is going happen in the next few months. 

4. Matthew is starting to go to elementary school this month. So... I took him to the salon to cut his hair for the first time. Usually, he can't good sit while I was cutting his hair but when other people cut his hair, Matthew can really good sit. 
First time to go salon

5. I was chatting via WhatsApp group with my elementary classmates. Amazing how we can "talk" again after around 30 years that we didn't meet. It was fun. I am glad that they are still remember me.

6. Last Monday, the boys back to school again. Jason sit at group 6 & Matthew at group 1. Matthew & I were nervous on the first day at school. I forgot to make a photo of the boys before go to school :(( This photo was taken on 2nd day before go to school. I can't decide which photo is the best, SOO I made it on collage ^_^
Back to school


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