Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Rotterdam trips 2014

Continuing story about our trips to Rotterdam October last year. If you miss about my other story trips to Rotterdam, you can find it in here. This time, I will sharing some photos and story about the hotel that we stayed and the places that we saw around the hotel. 

These are the photos about our hotel's room. It was family room with 4 beds. Matthew slept between me and my hubby, meanwhile Jason slept in other room. The room was not too big for family room, but we love it. One thing that we didn't like it about this hotel was there was no parking place. We had to pay to put our car, not far from the hotel.

Hotel Room

For Matthew, it was not his first time to stay in hotel but this time was much better than before. He was so excited with the room. After rest for a while, we decided to go out to find food for our dinner. We walked around with a map at our hand, really like a tourist in own country. We ended at the Rotterdam Market hall.
Rotterdam Market Hall

Amazing building isn't it. Wait until you see inside this building. I didn't take too much photos because it was too crowded. 
Inside Rotterdam Market Hall

Matthew kept saying that he was tired and want to go back to our room. It was rarely that he said tired. Mostly if we asked him, "did you tired?" His answered always, NO. But this time was different. We went back to our room for rest. 

Next post will be about our 2nd day in Rotterdam and we visited Plaswijckpark Rotterdam. 


Amel January 23, 2015 at 11:53 AM  

Oh, I'd love to visit Rotterdam market he he he...nice to be able to have a family holiday, Jul.

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