Thursday, February 6, 2014

Thankful lists: 1 - 6 Feb 2014

1. Counting days until my mother come here for holidays in April ^___* I miss her so much. 

2. The boys are getting better from cough. I thought I am better too but I am still coughing. Yesterday, I could sleep better than the other days but it was because I took a cough medicine that can help me for sleep. Poor my hubby, he could not sleep well because I was coughing all night :((

3. I sold more products than last month. Really thankful for that. I am working SO hard. Who else doesn't work hard in these days? 

4. Jason told hubby that a classmate (a girl) of him said "You are handsome, Jason" It is the same girl that always want to sit next to Jason when he was at 1st grade. Now, they were sit next to each other again, already few weeks.

5. Matthew like to watch Jason play with his Nintendo 3DS. He put his head on Jason's shoulder. So sweet to see. This one was taken two weeks ago, I think. That's day, Matthew was not feeling wel :(( So... he just sit next to Jason.

on shoulder


Amel February 10, 2014 at 5:41 PM  

CONGRATS on selling more stuff this month. You've surely been such a hard worker!

My mom and the whole family in Indo has been sick, as well...including my brother's sons. Hope you're all getting better soon.

And yes, both your boys are handsome. :-)

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