Saturday, January 25, 2014

Annoying moment in the train

Around two weeks ago, we went to Alkmaar (30 minutes from our city) with a train. We did travel lots with a train before we have a car with the children but we never get complaint before until two weeks ago.

The boys are very happy that we went with a train that day, especially Matthew. He talked lots and too loud, that's why I said "sorry" to a old lady that sit further than us. There were no body else then us, it was quiet. She didn't even smile when I said "sorry", she was too serious and just hold her book. We were sure that she can't concentration to read her book because of Matthew. She response me with word "terrible" then "but yeah...there is nothing you can do as his parents." Then she try to read her book again. I was little bit annoying when she said like that, so... I said "Don't worry, madam. We almost there, only two more stations then you can read again." She didn't say anything again. Just focus on her book. 

Before we step out the train, hubby said "Here we go, hope you can enjoy your book again. Have a great day." Again, she didn't say anything to him. 

Oh boy... so annoying that old lady. If she want read a book without any disturb, just stay in her bedroom and close the door. 

We didn't have problem on the way back to our city. How can she didn't even smile seeing this cute face from our boy ^___*



Amel January 26, 2014 at 9:57 PM  

Ah, maybe she just had a bad day. Sometimes when I'm not feeling good inside, it's easy to lash out on somebody else even when they're not doing anything bad to me.

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