Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Rainy Days with Boys: A Day as a Superhero

There’s nothing worse than having to be limited to spending a day indoors when the weather is so horrible that you can’t even consider heading outside to play. Trying to keep a little lad happy for an entire day can be a bit of a challenge at the best of times, let alone when he can’t go outside with his mates and play in the garden.

Instead, why not think outside the box? Rather than giving him options about what he would like to do – DVDs, computer games, toys etc., - have something special tucked up your sleeve for such an occasion. If he’s a lover of superheroes (and let’s be fair, who isn’t), treat him to the chance to be a superhero for the day and incorporate a busy, fun-filled schedule into the day that will have him well and truly worn out by the end of it! Here are a few superhero-inspired ideas to use. 

Superhero Play Time 

Set up some of his favourite superhero sets in the lounge, in an elaborate diorama, for him to immerse himself in for a couple of hours. Set up his Imaginext Batcave, and all of his DC figures, so that he can spend some time imagining the various scenarios. Perhaps the Joker is trying to break out of the Arkham Asylum, or perhaps Catwoman is using her five finger discount again? Use these couple of hours wisely – do some housework, prepare dinner etc. 

Superhero Arts & Crafts 

When it’s rainy outside, it’s a perfect time to crack open the arts & crafts box and, this time, use some superhero inspiration to give the session a little direction. Draw an ellipse or a diamond on a piece of paper and ask your aspiring superhero to design their own logo. 

Alternatively, grab an old t shirt of theirs and let them use fabric paints and crayons to design their own emblem on it to keep forever. 

Create a mask so that your little caped crusader can hide his identity to fight crime, too. 

Superhero Skittles 

Print out some villainous characters and stick them to some skittles – enjoy a game of bowling with your youngsters as they try and knock over their archenemies in one! 

Superhero Indoor Picnic 

From bat shaped sandwiches and Catwoman cakes to lollies with superhero capes and sugar swizzle sticks that looks like kryptonite, there’s nothing stopping you from making an indoor picnic that little bit more super. 

Add some more fun to a rainy day and your little wannabe supermen will be in their element!


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