Friday, May 13, 2011

I am PROUD of him

Yesterday, Jason got a birthday's invitation from his classmate M. He was so happy when he showed me the invitation. When I read the invitation, it said it is for today from 2 - 5 pm. But Jason has to go to swim course every Friday at 6 pm. He knew that as well.

Me: Do you want to go or not?
Jason: YES

Me: OK, with two conditions. You can't skip the swim course and I don't want hear that you are tired. Can you accept that?
Jason: Yes.

I told him few times about those conditions and the answer still the same.

Today, he looks tired after I picked him up at school but he didn't say anything. I let him lying down at couch while I was reading him a book. I can see through his eyes that he was SO tired. Around 2 pm, I brought him to M's house and said to his mother that I will pick him up around 4 pm. Because he needs to go to swim course. He looks MORE tired when he arrived home. But again, he didn't say anything.

I didn't ask him anything about how was the party until he told me by himself. I am so PROUD of him. I gave him HUGE hugs before he went to swim course. I am sure he will have a good sleep tonight :D

He reminds of me, few years back when I was still at school. I will continue this story later, because Jason and hubby will be back soon. I have to prepare drink and snack for them.


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