Thursday, March 31, 2011

Monster Jam

Jason's new seat looks very comfortable for him because he is starting to talk about his next seat classmates Je (girl, almost 6 years) and Ju (boy, almost 6 years). Yesterday, he said.

Jason: Mama, Je and Ju will go to watch monster jam show. They invited me to come as well and I said I want to go with them.
Me: WHAT?!! Monster jam?

Jason: Yep. It is like a games on the PC that I am playing almost everyday. Remember??
Me: Yeah...yeah... I know monster jam but it is not a show for little children like you. It is more for big boy show.

Jason: BUT, I am big boy, mama. (His eyes started with tears)
Me: I know you are big boy but it is not safe for you only go with them and with whom they are going with. It is always crowded in there.

Jason: Don't worry, I will close to Je and Ju.
Me: Yeah...yeah...I know. But I am not sure yet.

Oh boy... I hope he doesn't remember about this conversation again ^___^. He still doesn't understand how crowded will be in that kind of show hi hi hi hi...


Amel March 31, 2011 at 11:31 AM  

Ohhhh...I also hope he forgets about this, then.

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