Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Moving House

Are you planning to move to a new house? It takes a lot of planning and work to move to another house. Well, if you have plans like that, I have a suggestion. Why don't you browse through the "Move Me" site. I am sure that sitte will help you with any questions you have and they will provide you with the means to make moving a lot easier. Their motto is 'the site that makes moving simple'. I also heard that this site has won the Yahoo Innovation Award and the Yahoo People's Choice Award.

As everyone knows, it is not necessary to keep everything you have, there is a lot of stuff that you don't use anymore or of which you completely forgot you had it and now you don't have a use for those 'lost items'. Why don't you just hire some people to help you throw away the stuff that you don't need anymore and also who can help you with packing and unpacking your other things. Via this site, it will save money, you can get a reduction of around 30%. Why don't you start finding the removal quotes that will fit your needs and fill in the forms.

One of their services include information about mortgage quotes. They can help you find the lowest possible rates for your mortgage. Again, if you need this service why don't you make use of the free mortgage quotes right now. There are also facilities on this site called 'Move Planner'.

It is free to use and can help you to manage the planning needed to move house. There are features like:
* Find a.... --> solicitor, removal company, international removal, etc.
* Letters that I need to write --> bank, life insurance, home insurance, etc.
* Task list --> all you need to do with the date on it. * Etc

Besides those features, there are many more features that you can browse through at their site. They give you tips for: first time buyers, renting, selling, etc. They also give guides like: legal explained, finding properties, etc. Feel free to see their site.


Anonymous,  October 8, 2008 at 11:36 AM  

Thanks for the useful tips. Moving is a stress full job and we need to plan it very carefully to make it less stressful. I think professional movers are a good choice. When i moved i hired Box and they did their job pretty well.

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