Sunday, August 3, 2008

Sand Sculptures


Last week we went to the Sand Scultures in Schagen - Noord Holland with the train. Only around 15 minutes from our city. I took couple shots and these are two of them. The rest of my shots you can see at my photoblog.

Interest isn't it. How can people made this great only with sand :D


Carver August 3, 2008 at 6:03 PM  

Those are cool sand sculptures. I am fascinated by temporary art like that.

A Simple Life August 3, 2008 at 7:27 PM  

advanced happy birthday to jason. i'm sure he'll have a blast ;)

Jeanne August 3, 2008 at 8:54 PM  

The sand sculptures are cool...

Tammy August 3, 2008 at 11:11 PM  

Wow those are really cool!

Yen August 4, 2008 at 2:00 AM  

Looks awesome! And very cool! Happy WS:) I've posted too..

SabineM August 4, 2008 at 2:07 AM  

Fabulous! I am always amazed with sand sculptures!

Napaboaniya August 4, 2008 at 3:33 AM  

Wow~ Beautiful sculptures made from only sand and water. I can hardly even make a decent looking simple castle with a bucket! *lol*

marcia@joyismygoal August 4, 2008 at 5:29 AM  

very cool lots of time and talent --When something is that big I often wonder how they get perspective

genny August 4, 2008 at 6:41 AM  

That is very cool sand sculpture...Happy Monday...mine is ready...

Indrani August 4, 2008 at 6:47 AM  

I have never seen Sand art so close. I love such art.

tigerfish August 4, 2008 at 7:47 AM  

A big event coming up even sand sculpture is showing it!

aeirin August 4, 2008 at 8:52 AM  

Wow those are cool sand sculptures...

christine August 4, 2008 at 11:03 AM  

interesting sand sculptures!

Kero August 4, 2008 at 11:23 AM  

they are so cool and fascinating. i would love to see a real one someday. hope you can come visit mine at

Pietro August 4, 2008 at 3:48 PM  

Very interesting pictures of fine sand sculptures!

EM August 4, 2008 at 4:33 PM  

awesome! it must be fun doing those. it's not easy but i bet it's fun for those who can.

thanks for sharing

Mar August 4, 2008 at 4:59 PM  

I love sand sculptures and loved your shots :)

SandyCarlson August 5, 2008 at 4:05 AM  

These are very impressive!

Tina August 5, 2008 at 12:31 PM  

wow those are amazing. it's great how it can all stay together too!

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