Friday, July 25, 2008

Office Furniture

Usually we go to the Supermarket only to do groceries don't we? When I was browsing this evening I found out that there is a whole different kind of supermarket as well than just the ones to do groceries hi hi hi hi. And this supermarket is called 'Office Supermarket'. This is a very interesting site, especially if you are in need to change your Office Furniture.
When you visit their site, you can see that they have 9 features that makes it more easy for you to find their products :

1. Office Furniture. Example : office bookcases, computer desks, office screens, office conference tables, etc.
2. Office Chairs. Example : executive chairs, reception chairs, conference chairs, ergonomic chairs, designer chairs, etc.
3. 48 hours delivery chairs. Example : operator chairs, massage chairs, bistro chairs, cantilever chairs, etc.
4. Home office furniture. Example : home office desk, drawers and pedestals, home office filing cabinets, home office computer desks, office conference tables, etc.
5. Boardroom furniture. Example : boardroom tables and chairs, training and meeting tables, etc.
6. Reception furniture. Example : reception units, chairs and sofas.
7. Call Center furniture. There are 3 models of call center furniture, for 3 person, 6 person and 8 person.
8. Bistro furniture. Example : Bistro and Canteen chairs, tables and stools.
9. Educational furniture. Example : Education tables, desks, bookcases, storage, seating, and drawer units.

If you buy anything from this furniture supermarket, you can save money up until around 36% - 48% from the original price. With a 5 years guarantee on all furniture.

If you would like to order office desks from them, I think you should know that there are seven types of desk : glass desks (it will give you a modern look on your office), wooden desks (those give you a traditional look on your office), computer desks, hideaways (it will hide your computer and files when you don't use), corner desks (it is ideal for small space), wave desks, ergonomic desks (with this you can put many equipment for your work in one desk).

You must be wondering when you will get your order. After you have placed the order, then for the Swift Range (UK mainland) area, you will get your order within 1 working day. Besides that area, it will take around 1-6 weeks, depend on what you have ordered . If you ordered for products specially made for you, then of course will take a little more time for them to prepare the items.


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