Saturday, July 26, 2008

Learn Networking

I don't have any experience or training in the IT department. So.... I don't have a Cisco certification. But my brother does work in IT department as Assistant Manager in one of the big companies. He has an IT certification but I am not sure what kind of a program he works with. I just found out this interesting site called "The Cisco Learning Network." It might be a very interesting site for him, I think I will recommend him to see this site :D

Talking about "The Cisco", it is the best place to meet with other people who have the same experience and knowledge ,which in this case is the IT world. You can get an information by reading some documents and join discussions. I can give you an example that will ,make it easy to follow. When you are at the Cisco site, you can find what is called the 'Learning Center'. Learning Center is divided in two sections : technology library and business library. And the technology library, is divided again in four sections :

1. Overview. In this section, you can see all the technology topics like : data center, IP routing, etc.
2. Discussions. In here you can meet other people who have the same interest like you. In this case it is technology IT.
3. Documents. About : data center, storage, etc.
4. All content.

I am sure you will get a chance for a great career by learning at Cisco and get the certificate. So...if you are interested with learning IT, why don't you take a look this site and find out how interesting it is to learn about networking with them.

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