Sunday, May 11, 2008

Quick sale your house

When you really need a quick sale on your house, maybe you should contact the 'Properties Direct' site. They are specialists in quick property sale for more than 20 years.

If you need to sell your house very quickly, maybe because you have some financial problems. Another problem will show up, where will you stay?? After you sell your house at Properties Direct company, you can also have the opportunity to rent a house from them.

Properties Direct gives the guarantee that they will buy your house within 7 days whatever the circumstances of your house are. But how can you sell your house within only 7 days, that is so fast isn't it. Then how is the process working :

1. You have a meeting with one of their consultants to discuss your house with them.
2. Then you will get an appraisal or valuation of your house. The appraisal of your house will be valid for 30 days.
3. But if you agree with the amount that they offer to you, you will get a formal contract. Then the process of buying your house will start .
4. All of the procedures will be completed within, or less than 7 days.

Do they need to survey your house?? Of course, and they can do that very fast because they are a property developer so they have all the required skills to decide how much your house is worth.

Feel free to visit their site to get more information.


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