Thursday, May 29, 2008

I joined to SocialSpark

Last month, I joined to another get paid to blog called SocialSpark. Thanks to my friend, Putri, who mention about this new site.

It is not like the other get paid to blog, at SocialSpark, we can meet other author blogs and become friends. It will help you also to get more traffic to your blog. There is a facility that you can send messages to other friends blog. You can also give them prop if you like them as friends or you like their blog.

At SocialSpark, there are 3 different types of opportunities : Sponsored Post, Blog SponsorShip and Spark. It was little bit confuse for me at that time. Then I spent my time to read at Blogger FAQ. Now, I understand completely about the different between those opportunities. Mostly I take sponsored post, I create my own posts at my blog based on what the advertisers asks. For Blog Sponsorship, you accept the advertisers to put welcome sponsorship at your blog. A welcome sponsorship can be a image, text or maybe video. And for Spark, I don't understand exactly how this is mean. But Spark can be use for bloggers and advertisers.

I should mention also about their code ethics :
* 100% Audit-able In-Post Disclosure --> It means that you had to put the Disclosure Badge at the end of you post.
* 100% Transparency --> The public can see which opportunities that you just take it and which advertisers is that.
* 100% Real Opinions -->You are free to write anything, based on the advertisers asks.
* 100% Search Engine Friendly

Sponsored by SocialSpark


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