Saturday, February 16, 2008

Credit Cards Review

When I was still living in my own country, I used to have my own credit card. Every month I used my credit card to buy books. But since i live in here, i don't have a credit card anymore. And at the moment I havee no interest to have my own credit card ^___^. Maybe because i still don't have a regular job yet.

But I do know there are few credit cards features that are very interesting and i would like to share that with you, those are the following:
1. Low Interest Credit Cards
2. Instant Approval Credit Cards
3. Bad Credit Credit Cards
4. Rewards Credit Cards
5. Cash Back Credit Cards
6. Student Credit Cards
7. Business Credit Cards
8. Balance Credit Cards
9. Hotel/Airline Credit Cards
10. Prepaid Credit Cards

Your children can have their own Student Credit Cards. That may be a bit hard to believe,but there is a very good point to it. If your children have their own Student credit card. They can use it maybe to watch local concerts or any events in your city, if they buy ticket for train or busses they can get some deduction. Or if they buy something at stores using their own student credit card they can get get something for bonus. And It's higly recomendable to have them buy the necessary books or school equipment with help of a student creditcard. They may get quite good deduction on those items.

When i was still at school, my parents could not afford me to have my own student credit card :D I wonder if i will let my son have his own student credit card later ;) We still have time to think about it hi hi hi hi...He is just 18 months old now.

In this site you can see lots of credit card issues. So, you can know which bank has credit card features which fit on your financial condition.


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