Thursday, January 17, 2008

Unexpected expenses

This is a story of a friend of mine who lives in New York. Her name is Nanda and she told me this story :D It's happened to her a couple weeks ago. Her parents asked her to help Nanda's sister pay her college's examination. Nanda's parents could not pay Nanda's sister examination money because they had other things to do with their savings. So, if Nanda's sister didn't pay her money for examination right away, she could not take the examination and she could get kicked out of her course. That why, Nanda's parents asked her help.

Of course Nanda wanted to help her sister, but how?? Nanda and hes husband didn't have savings at that moment. They just used their savings for vacation couple weeks ago. And Nanda didn't work, only her husband worked. Then Nanda's husband heard over payday loans. The process was easy and fast. Nanda's husband only needed to prove that he had a regular income, his salary had to be more than $1.000 per month, that he had a savings account at a bank, he had to be over 18 years and had to prove he was a United States citizen. It took only a few hours until everything was taken care of.

With payday loans, Nanda could help her sister :)

We never know when we need an unexpected expense, So it is important to know there are always options with payday loans for sure :D


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