Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The importance of home care.

Have you ever heared about care homes ? A Care home is a place to help older people or people who are not able to take care of themself anymore because of their illness or when the age of a person starts to make people less able. There are three categories of care homes : care at home, residential care and finance.

Care at home: Means you stay at home and you get help from nurses or people who have had an education for nursing and social help. What kind of help do you get? You get help with grocery, cleaning the house, maybe you need help if you want to take a bath, for cooking, get in and get out of bed and companionship. It is always nice to have someone around the house when you get older. Someone to talk with, someone to share with.....

Residential care: Means you can not take care of yourself and you need a nurse or personal helper 24 hours a day. And your family can not be around you 24/7. With residential care, you have professional help. My mother in law lives in the residential care because of her illness. She gets helps for almost everything. People who work in that carecenter make sure that she never gets bored. There are always different activities for her and many other people who live in there. There is accompanied singing, there is always someone around while people watch TV, listen to music, and if needed someone will read magazines or newspapers for them. We visit her every Sunday per 1-2 weeks.

Finance: If People seriously consider to make use of residential care, then there are professionals who can help you arrange and give an opinion which is the best suitable choice for you, your parents, or one of your family. They will also give advise about the financials


Tot's Mom January 9, 2008 at 3:43 AM  

Off topic here, but I like your header. I always find the Forever Friends bears so, so cute!

Juliana RW January 9, 2008 at 6:48 AM  

tot's mom : "off topic here", i don't understand what do you mean :D And thanks about my header, yeah, i like Forever Friends very much, they always cute ;)

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