Saturday, January 19, 2008

The easy way to book a hotel

As you know we will go to Jakarta next March for around 1 month. We will think about going to Singapore also. Because if we only stay around in Jakarta, it might just be a little boring for us, that's why i plan to go to Singapore also. But yeah, we are not sure. It depends on our budget :D

Then i found this site about Hotel Reservation. You know, this site is GREAT. Why do I say great? Because on this site I can find hundreds of Hotels from around the world with a high reduction price. We can save up to 70% . Yes, USA & Canada, Europe and Asia. With this site, i will be able to have a way to look around for hotels in Singapore that can have a possible match with our budget ;-)

This site also offers you many vacation packages. You can choose which packages you want, example : flight+hotel+car or flight+hotel or hotel+car or flight+car. Actually i did use this vacation packages flight+hotel to check how much money we will need to go to Singapore around 3 days 2 night :D The results said that we'd need around $582 if we choose to go from Jakarta to Singapore. Hmmm....i am not sure I am still thinking about it ^.^ Have to wait a while before I book anything , maybe in around 1 month we can get windfall hua ha ha ha.....

They also offer vacation rentals. You can rent a lodge at your vacation destination, that way you'd not have to be depending on others. If you wish to make use of that, make sure you have read about the agreements in vacation rentals at your vacation destination.

I think this site is very usefull. Another plan I have is to also to check my destination to London maybe later this year. Yes, that's what i hope. I hope in the end of this year, we can go to London. Just to look around and make a lot of photo's. If you want to go anywhere, anyplace in this world. It's highly recommended to try use Hotel Reservation, It's easy, it's quite fast and it makes your destination very easy to reach :D


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