Thursday, September 27, 2007

My dream have meaning for other people.

Couple years ago, when i still worked at Finance Accounting department. Sometimes i had dreams about numbers. In my dreams, i saw numbers.

At the office, i told about my dream to one of my colleague. And he bought a lottery according to the numbers that i dream and he won. Since then, everytime i dream about numbers, i always told him and he bought lottery and won. And everytime he won lottery, he bought me some food. That was the way he said thank you to me :) I never bought lottery.

The time that i move to here (Netherlands), he was sad. Because he lost his lucky charm :)

This was about my other dream. This happened three years ago. I have a friend and she was pregnant that time. Almost everyone guess that he will get a baby boy. Even myself thout that.
Until i got dream two days before she will echo her pregnancy, that she will get a baby girl. I sent her email (or i call her, i forgot) to tell about my dream. And she said she will call me if she is finish with the echo. She will let me know what is the result of the echo, baby boy or baby girl. She called me, and again my dream is right :)

The funny is, if i dream about myself. It is always opposite. Example : when i was pregnant, i also got dream that i will get a baby girl. When i woke up, i feel it is not right :-) because my feeling said i was pregnant a baby boy. And i am, now he is 1 year old.

But lately, i don't get dream that meaning for other people or me. Maybe because i am too tired already to have dream in my sleep :) I am a mother, housewife and now also i have job part time for 3 hours per day.

But when i got dream about you, i will tell you. Oke :-)


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