Thursday, September 27, 2007

I am invisible......

"What's happened?" ask my man before we got to sleep at night. Maybe because i don't talk too much after back from my work. I work everyday only 3 hours per day at 18.00 until 21.00.

"It's oke. I just tired" answer me.

"I still think there is something wrong at your work. I know you too much. Even you tired, you still talk much."

"Oke...oke...There was something at my work."

"What's wrong then," ask him.

"As usual after i finish at work and before go back home, i do absent to the boss. Today the boss only ask to Nanda, my colleague, why she didn't come yesterday to the barbeque? He didn't ask me, even i stand right next of Nanda. I am invisible and that makes me sad."

Did you ever feel invisible like me? Maybe at your work or at your school.

If you are one of the employer, please don't do that to your own employee. Respect all your employee as human. I give you some tips :

  1. Don't give difference attention with your employee.
  2. Try to remember all your employee names. So, when you need them, call them with their own names not only 'hei, can you come here' or 'you, over here'.
  3. Once in a while ask about how is the family of your employee. Example : How is your son/daughter? How old is he/she now? How is your vacation? Try to make conversation with your employee.
  4. If you respect them, i am sure that they will also respect you as their boss.

Back to me again, maybe because i don't to much talk at my work. That's why the boss forget me :-) But i stand right next to Nanda, and he didn't ask me.

It is not nice being invisible.


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