Wednesday, September 26, 2007

13 April 2007, 13th Friday

We went to Amsterdam with train. It took around 1 hour and 20 minute to Amsterdam from our city. We went with our son, he was 8 months that time. Everything was OK when we went to Amsterdam in the morning. But when we went back to our city, everything was wrong.

  1. In Amsterdam Central Station, we wait in wrong perron. So when the train come, it didn't stop in perron that we standed. We rennen to catch up our train. We just sit not even 5 minutes, there was announcement that this train will not go anywhere because of the engine was out of order.

  2. There was also not direct train to our city because of some of the rail was out of order. We moest change 3-4 times train. We moest go to other perron to take another train. It was difficult for us to run with our baby between a lot of people who also want to go bacnk to their house.
    When we arrive, the train is already full of people. If we wait other traint, it took another 30 minutes. We decide to take this train even with a lot of people. And the worst was, our son became restless with all of those people in the train. We tried to make him not crying.

  3. After 3 times changing train and took around 4 hours in the way, we arrived in our city. Usually only 1 times train to go and back to Amsterdam. It was a long day and so tired for us.

  4. Not even half hour we arrived, i got call from my boss. I got fired from my new job. I just work 5 days. And the recent was because i am to weak to work as cleanning service in her motel. That was her opinion. I still learning to work as cleanning service because in my own country i worked as section head finance accounting department. But since i move to Netherlands, i can not work at office again. Not yet.

We will think twice to go somewhere in Friday 13th.


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