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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Trip to Taman Indonesia in Kallenkote

My mother is in here for three months, that's why I planned this trip for her long time before she is here. We went there last month. It was almost 1,5 hours with a car from our place.

Taman Indonesia

It said Taman Indonesia is sort a small zoo where we could seeing a tropisch animals. But after seeing around this place in less than 30 minutes, we felt disappointed. There was not much to see and it looks like abandon place. I don't see that they taking care of the place. It was dirty everywhere. We could not sit nice during our lunch because the chairs were dirty.

Taman Indonesia

At least, I did fun shots of the boys during we were there. There was a satay markt, we bought few satay portion and it was delicious. Too bad, I forgot the make a photo. Another disappointed about this place was the enter price too expensive. We didn't get good service during our visited.

Disclosure: I paid the enter prices by myself and this opinion is real base on my experience. 


Saturday, June 25, 2016

Thankful lists: Random days in June 2016

1. My mother is here until Augustus. We are happy to welcome her at our house.

2. Matthew went to watch Angry Birds in the cinema. It was his first time and glad he could sit nice during the movie :D
Watch Angry Birds

3. I made a great sale this month and I am thankful for that. I work hard for that.

4. We went to Taman Mini in Kallenkote. I will share story and the photos later.

5. Carrots from my backyard ^_^ I am going to plant more next year. At this moment, I have paprika plant and still growing. 
From our backyard


Saturday, May 28, 2016

Trip to Nemo in Amsterdam

Last month, we went with a car to Nemo in Amsterdam. It was our first time to visit there. On the way, we had a difficulty although we used navigation. Some of the road are being repaired. We had to ask someone to show the way, thanks God he was good. We arrived at Nemo on time. 

These are some photos that I took while we were there. 

There were SO many science things that children can try. The boys could try everything yet, because it was too busy that day. We are definitely want to go back there again next year.

This is one of the view that I took from the top. Gorgeous view isn't it. Check more photos at my Flickr account.
Nemo 13


Saturday, April 30, 2016

Circus at school

Last Monday, we got an invitation to watch the children performance circus act at school. The performance took around one hour and there were lots of parents and grandparents came at school to watch. I was lucky that day because I got a seat to sit. 

Circus at school 

Every kids did great performance that day. We were really had fun seeing them. The ringleader is very funny, we had fun laughing. Jason and Matthew did great that day. 
Circus at school


Friday, April 15, 2016

Flowers exhibition 2016

Last month, we went to the flowers exhibition in Breezand not far from our city. We arrived there around 10 am and it was perfect time to make quick photos of the flowers. This year theme was "fairytale".

Lente Tuin 2016

The room was really cold. Matthew was little bit quiet that day and he was speaking really softly. We almost could not hear him. 
Lente Tuin 2016

We were around 1.5 hours and I was happy because I took enough new flowers photos for my store. Thanks to hubby and the boys that patient with me. It was hardly to choose which flowers  I did make a photo and which one not yet ^_^ prevent I miss something, I just took so much photos as I could.

Lente Tuin 2016

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Trip to Nemo in Amsterdam

Last month, we went with a car to Nemo in Amsterdam. It was our first time to visit there. On the way, we had a difficulty although we used...

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