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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Aqua Zoo Friesland

We went there last Summer. It was very hot day when we were there. So... I didn't take too much photos because of that. The children were fine although it was hot day. 

This photo was taken by hubby. I always afraid take monkey photos when they were not in the cage. We entered a room, they were lots of monkey everywhere. We were not allow to give them food. I entered the room and directed looking for exit door ^_^

Aqua Zoo Friesland

Jason was happy to see playground there, too bad it was not too much to play. Matthew took Jason's hand and we let them explored the playground by them self. I turn this photo into painting with help PSE 12.

Aqua Zoo Friesland

Last photo before we went back home. I was too tired to climb upstairs ;) 

  Aqua Zoo Friesland


Monday, September 29, 2014

Sneek city

Last Summer, we went to see National Model Spoor Museum at Sneek. After that, we went to explore Sneek city. We were walking and these are some of the photos that I took.

The weather was nice that day. It was not too warm and too cold. These are a collage of the city.

What do you see from this tree? It looks like a face isn't it.


More photos can be find at my Flickr account.


Sunday, September 21, 2014

Thankful lists: random days

1. Two weeks ago, in the evening there was an open day at Jason's school. We were able to enter all the classroom. First, we entered to Jason's classroom and show all the materials that teacher teaching during the days. Then, we entered to Matthew future classroom (next year). We were surprised with Matthew's reaction. He was so happy and like to play. He didn't want to go back home ^_^. I believe it is more easy for Matthew to go to elementary school than Jason next year.

Evening information

2. We went to the playground, Goudvis, on Summer's holidays. The boys were happy and had fun. I am sure next time we are going there again, Matthew is able to play by himself without our help again.


3. I am working very hard at my online stores and satisfied with the sales that I made these days.

4. We went to the beach to see the kite festival. It was our first time to go there, hope next year we could go there again. I can't show the photos yet, sure at the next post. After that, we went to children's farm to eat ice cream and the boys played again there.



Sunday, September 7, 2014

National Model Spoor museum

Little bit about this place: It is very close to Sneek station and Sneek is in the province of Friesland (Netherlands). The entrance fees of this place is not too expensive. Children starting 3 years has to pay the entrance fees.

I didn't make too much photos, because for me the place is not too interesting but for the boys it was heaven ^__^ Jason and Matthew were having fun in this museum. They enjoyed pushing the green button and then watching the train move.

Model Spoor Museum

Matthew didn't want to leave this museum ^___^  He was too excited pushing those green button.

Model Spoor Museum

My next post is more about Sneek city. We explored the city of Sneek a little bit before we went back home to our city. 
Model Spoor Museum


Friday, August 29, 2014


Last month, we went to Linnaeushof - Bennebroek (the Netherlands). This place is the Europe's biggest playground and we were there last month ^__^. The entrance fees of this place is not too cheap. Children starting 2 years old has to pay including the parents/grandparents. But it is really worth to go with all members of family. The boys were really had fun, and they didn't have time yet to enjoy all the facility. We are sure want to come back to this place again next year.

At the beginning, the boys took a boat. I didn't go with them on this first round, but I did go on their 2nd round.

After that, we took a train to see all the view from the playground. These are some views from the train. 
View from the train

The boys like to play this giant slide, especially Matthew. Poor hubby, he had to go up with carrying Matthew. If we are going again next year, I am sure Matthew can go up and down by himself. We just have to sit and wait him playing ^___*

More photos of this place, can be find at my Flickr account.

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