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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Jason's first holy communion

Sunday, 17 May 2015

Jason's first holy communion. We arrived at the church around 9.15 am, the ceremony started at 10 am. We had to be there more early because the photographer was going to take a photo group. I was exploring the church and took few photos.

Around 9.35 am, all the parents had to go the seats. Just quick photo before we were heading to our seats. They supposed to be eight children.  Too bad, one girl was little bit late.

The parents were not allowed to make any photos during the ceremony, because there was a special photographer who made all photos during the ceremony. So, few weeks after now, we will all get a CD with all the photos. We didn't have to pay anything extra cost for that.

After the ceremony, we had a quick photo with a priest before we went home.
First Holy Communion

At home, we had lunch with few of family members and closed friend. These are some of food that we made that day. The rest, I forgot to make a photo. Too busy with preparing everything.

Around 2 hours after lunch, we ate this delicious cake that we ordered to complete this special day.

We were thankful for everything that made that day was SO special for Jason.


Monday, May 11, 2015

Blessed during our trip to Legoland, Germany

1. The boys had a good attitude during our long 8 hours trip with the trains, especially Matthew. We knew he had tired but he keeps smiling. These photos were taken from our 1st train, I hold a camera and he asked me to make his photos ^_^.
2. We bought our train tickets online, it said if we traveled with 1st class we didn't have to reservation our seats. But in real life, you could not get a seat without reservation. It was not easy for all of us during our trips from the Netherlands to Germany. But thanks God, there was a woman helped us gave seats to the boys. 

When we arrived in Germany, hubby direct book reservation seats for all of us back to the Netherlands. We had to pay extra cash for these reservation. 

I will tell more detail about how the reservation seats work on other post. 

3. We got on time for our last bus to the cottage. 

4. First day at the Legoland park, hubby almost lost his backpack. Thanks God, someone called me to remind about his backpack.

5. Train's personnel (Deutsche Bahn or DB) were having a strike. We knew that when we did arrive in Germany. The hotel's personnel said the  strike will take 5 more days. I was stress when we knew that, I pray lots those days and it was work.

6. We wanted to buy something for the boys while we were there. They might to choose one Lego with certain of price. Only Matthew didn't want anything. He said, "I do have lots of Lego at home. You don't have to buy me any Lego." In the end, he choose this lunch box. It was really cheaper than Lego toy ^_^.
Matthew's lunch box

6. On the day we were back to the Netherlands, from the cottage we took a taxi to the station. We went early, because we didn't want to miss our ICE train. They were in the middle of strike, remember. A day before, we asked the hotel's personnel to call a taxi and we asked the price. It said around 45 euro. In reality, we were really lucky because we paid only 50 euro instead of 90 - 100 euro. 

7. We arrived at home safely, faster and easily. Thanks God. 


Friday, April 24, 2015

Piano lessons for all ages

Northampton Massachusetts piano lessons are the best way to learn to play the piano for all ages. I can't play a piano but I used to be able to play a pianica or melodica. I learned that when I was still at elementary school. I am not an expert but because of that, I know the basics of how to play piano with 1 hand but I never learned to play with two hands.

Have you seen this video before? It is quite amazing how a four year old toddler can play a piano like that. I mean I know learning a piano is not easy, it takes years to become  an expert like that. I am wondering how old he was when he learned to play piano. Compared to our youngest child, you would think this little boy is an adult if you didn't see him first. I bet that after you hear his performance you will be in awe of how good he plays.

My mother told me that if you can play and become an expert with just one instrument, you can become a teacher for that instrument. Being a music teacher  is a well payed profession. I wish I was good with an instrument. I asked my oldest son a few times if he would like to learn to play a musical instrument like a piano or guitar, When he was younger he always was looking at guitars and actually wanted one but at that time we could not comply with his request. These days he keeps saying no, we don't know why. Still, I won't push him if he says he doesn't want to learn to play any musical instruments he in terests has changed over the years.

If you live around Northampton - Massachusetts and are interested in learning to play the piano, feel free to contact JeffO Piano Studios. He will be able to teach you piano for children and adults. Look how good this lady in the video can play the piano after her first lesson. It is never too late to learn anything.


Thursday, April 23, 2015

Thankful lists: Random days in April

1. We found everything that we need for Jason's first Holy communion. 

2. We talked with the teacher about Matthew's development and we are proud of him. Everything is better than the 3rd year development of him.

3. Matthew is starting to play with his classmate. So far, only 1 boy that he regularly play with. I am SOO happy for him. Before, I never heard he talk about his classmate but now... almost every Monday & Tuesday he talk about him. 

4. I reach my goal for online stores. It is time to set a new goal and I am sure I will reach it this year because I am working hard for that.

5. My dream come true, seeing Jason using this uniform ^_^. I am SOO happy finally he wants to learn Karate Samurai.

In Karate Samurai uniform

6. The weather was really nice these days. The boys were playing outside and had fun.
It's Spring


Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Easter 2015

On Easter day, we went to the church in the morning. The church was full of people and we knew some of them. After that, we went home and took a lunch. After lunch, hubby and I did some chores while the boys were playing them self.

Around 2 pm, I said we had to go out because the weather was really nice. The sun was shining but it was chill. We took a car because we were to lazy going with our bikes ^_^ We went not too far from our house, just around. These are some of the photos that I took. 

Around Julianadorp

Those houses are bungalows, there were lots of tourists. Mostly from our neighborhood country, Germany. The boys were playing at their outside playground. 
Around Julianadorp

I really love the views, so... I took few shots while the boys were playing.
Around Julianadorp

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