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Friday, October 31, 2014

Thankful lists: Random days in October

1. We had a great moment in Rotterdam. We stayed in a hotel for two days and we went to visit few places. The boys had fun and we were tired ^_^. I will sharing the photos later.

2. I have two wonderful boys that helps me doing chores ^_^.


3. Thankful for lovely photos that I took at Butterfly garden Eureka
Vlindertuin Eureka in Texel

4. I was working on my online store and I felt tired. Suddenly Jason came to me and asked for a hug. It is not everyday I get a hug from Jason ^_^. I am thankful for that. 


Saturday, October 25, 2014

Butterfly garden Eureka in Texel island

These photos were taken from our trip to Texel island on August 6.

It was our first time to go to Texel island with a car. Before that, we went few times with a bus. My hubby felt little bit exciting when he had to drive our car into the ship. The boys were exciting too, when we were in the ship. Especially Matthew, because it was his first adventure go with a ship.

Vlindertuin Eureka in Texel

It took around 20 minutes from our city to Texel island with a ship. This time, we went to Eureka Butterfly garden. This place is little bit smaller than the other butterfly garden that we ever visited sometimes last year, Vlindorado. But I managed to take few beautiful shots while we were there.

Vlindertuin Eureka in Texel
Eureka Texel

More photos can be find at my Flickr account. Beautiful harbor's view, taken this photo before we went back to our city. 
Op the boat


Sunday, October 12, 2014

Aqua Zoo Friesland

We went there last Summer. It was very hot day when we were there. So... I didn't take too much photos because of that. The children were fine although it was hot day. 

This photo was taken by hubby. I always afraid take monkey photos when they were not in the cage. We entered a room, they were lots of monkey everywhere. We were not allow to give them food. I entered the room and directed looking for exit door ^_^

Aqua Zoo Friesland

Jason was happy to see playground there, too bad it was not too much to play. Matthew took Jason's hand and we let them explored the playground by them self. I turn this photo into painting with help PSE 12.

Aqua Zoo Friesland

Last photo before we went back home. I was too tired to climb upstairs ;) 

  Aqua Zoo Friesland


Monday, September 29, 2014

Sneek city

Last Summer, we went to see National Model Spoor Museum at Sneek. After that, we went to explore Sneek city. We were walking and these are some of the photos that I took.

The weather was nice that day. It was not too warm and too cold. These are a collage of the city.

What do you see from this tree? It looks like a face isn't it.


More photos can be find at my Flickr account.


Sunday, September 21, 2014

Thankful lists: random days

1. Two weeks ago, in the evening there was an open day at Jason's school. We were able to enter all the classroom. First, we entered to Jason's classroom and show all the materials that teacher teaching during the days. Then, we entered to Matthew future classroom (next year). We were surprised with Matthew's reaction. He was so happy and like to play. He didn't want to go back home ^_^. I believe it is more easy for Matthew to go to elementary school than Jason next year.

Evening information

2. We went to the playground, Goudvis, on Summer's holidays. The boys were happy and had fun. I am sure next time we are going there again, Matthew is able to play by himself without our help again.


3. I am working very hard at my online stores and satisfied with the sales that I made these days.

4. We went to the beach to see the kite festival. It was our first time to go there, hope next year we could go there again. I can't show the photos yet, sure at the next post. After that, we went to children's farm to eat ice cream and the boys played again there.


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