Sunday, September 17, 2017

One week after the school starts

I am glad the summer vacation was ended and the boys go to school again. Matthew sits in the third grade and he is starting to learn writing. Before, he doesn't even like to try to write alphabet or number, but now he like it. 

He showed it to me every new alphabet that he learned at school, directly after school. Looks what he made for me, one week after the school starts. 
After one week of school, he can write letter k very well. Proud and happy


Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Reasons to Take a Vacation

For many people, it can be easy to have a busy schedule and plenty of tasks to complete each day. Being tired and overwhelmed can become the norm, making it necessary to take a vacation. When you're in need of a break or change, there are a few reasons to get away.

Beautiful Views

Booking your stay at a destination that offers stunning views can allow you to recharge and unplug from technology or your hectic lifestyle. You can clear your head and enjoy feeling like you're in paradise on vacation. Spending time in a spectacular setting will allow you to stare at the views throughout the day and take photos in the destination when you're spending time at a place like Bald Head Island vacation rentals.

Spend Time with Loved Ones

Taking a vacation will allow you to spend more time with your loved ones when you want to strengthen the relationships that you share. You can take a memorable trip with your family members or friends where you'll have plenty of time to catch up on each other's lives and unplug from technology as you spend time at the beach or go hiking in the woods. You'll feel fulfilled being around those that you're closest to and can have more appreciation for those in your life.

Have an Adventure

Going on a trip is the perfect opportunity for adventure when you want to explore the great outdoors and view different types of wildlife. Whether you're in a tropical destination or are secluded in the mountains, you can enjoy walking on various trails in the area, go horseback riding on the sand, or take a biking adventure. Creating an itinerary that includes some of the top activities that are available will make it easy to experience the best of the city.

Most tourist destinations offer excursions that are available, which can allow you to go parasailing, take a bus tour of the area, or ride on four wheelers on the dunes. Tour guides will offer an insight and history of the local area with the information that they provide and can answer any of your questions.

When you're in the mood for an escape and want to have a change of scenery, it may be the perfect time to book a vacation. By finding the right place to stay, you can relax and recharge in a beautiful environment when you're ready to stop and smell the roses.


Saturday, August 26, 2017

Online collage maker

Photography is my passion. Every time we go somewhere, I always bring my camera with me. I take a lot of photo's even of one item or event especially when a lot of movement is going on, just to make sure that I got the right one. This Summer, we went out for a couple of days to several places and I have lots of photos to share right now. 

Instead of sharing them one by one, I make it into a collage. In this post, I would like to share my favorite photos that I made into a collage by using collage maker. There are more than 700 templates to choose from with different styles: Modern, Art, Comic, 3D and lots more. There are thousands of text fonts, shapes, backgrounds, etc. Look what I managed to make from our last trip to Schagen. This is a simpel modern collage.

For a reasonable price, you can upgrade to the premium features and resources.  As I told you before, there are so many layouts that you can choose from like; birthday, wedding, anniversary, etc. My favorite creative collage is 3D. This is one of the 3D layouts that I made. Feel free to visit the site to find more features and resources.


Thursday, August 10, 2017

Thankful lists: Random days in August

1. We went back to playpark Oud Valkeveen and the boys had fun in there. I still not touch the photos, but I do have this short fun video I took while the boys were playing bumper cars.
At Oud Valkeveen

2. On Jason's birthday, I brought the boys to the ice cream salon and let him choose which ice cream they want. Jason choose this one.  It was really yummy.
just because...

3. I bought few new designs with a good price, can't wait to work it out. I need to work harder :D


Friday, July 14, 2017

Karate exams

Last monday, Jason had to do karate exams before Summer vacation starting. Every week he practised really well although sometimes he didn't in the mood to go practise.

Karate examen  

We were expecting that Jason will get his second yellow slip at karate. Surprise ....... He immediately got the yellow band. Something to be proud of. He was reacting like normal but for us it is really awesome achievement. Totally proud of him.
Karate examen

More photos during the exams. Karate examen

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