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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Just random days in January

This is my first post on this year and it is almost the second month of the year ^_^. 

1. We have a "warm" winter. I thought we will not see any snow this year but I was wrong. We have seen it and it was only snowing maybe for around 5 minutes. But at least, Matthew had seen it and it was fun for those few minutes.

2. We brought the boys to play at the ice skating. Jason is getting better and hubby didn't have to stand next to Matthew whole time. He dared to play by himself with holding this cute sea lion. 
Ice skate

3. Usually when I wake up Matthew, the first words he says is "Good morning, mama" But today, he said " dream has not finished yet!"

4. We went to a birthday of my hubby's step grandmother. It was fun day, we met almost all the families that day. We had a delicious meal and lots of talking with the rest of the family members. The boys had playing with their cousin. 
Jan 17


Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Random days in December 2015

It's been awhile since my last post in here. I have been busy with my online stores. I work really hard to manage all of my stores and forget writing something in this blog :D 

1. Last week Wednesday, I was sick. OMG.... I slept almost whole day. I woke up only because I had to pick up the boys from school and when they were home. I gave them lunch then I went to bed again. I can't cook. Poor hubby, he had to cook directly when he went back from work. 

2. Thank's God, I was better the day after. I went to watch Christmas's party at school after I baked something to bring the boys to school for dinner. It was my 1st time that I brought something to school that I made self. I am not too good with cook or bake but this time I can't refuse. Jason asked me few times, so... I tried.
what I made
I was glad, both the classmates of the boys love it.

3. I like walking around our city during this holidays season. Matthew wanted to sit in this train :D
In the city 

 I am sure this will be my last post for this year. I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. See you soon next year.


Saturday, November 28, 2015

Thankful lists: Random days in November

1. On Sint.Martin's day this year, the boys walked with Jason's classmates & his sister around our neighbourhood. We walked around 1,5 hours and they had fun and lots of candies. More than enough than last year. 
Sint Martin

2. Jason attended to training with different Karate's school. It was his first and he did really well. We took lots of photos for two hours training.
Jason's eerste gezamelijke training

3. Matthew survived for 2 hours waiting Jason's training. Thank's God, I remember bring a tablet that day and snack. LOL. 
Waiting Jason

4. Matthew had fun during his first excursie with his classmates.
Naar Helderse Vallei


Friday, November 6, 2015

Thankful for last Tuesday

A few days ago, Matthew was sick. He felt pain around his belly. Last Sunday afternoon until midnight, he was throwing up for 7 times. 

Monday, we went to the doctor and she can't said why Matthew's belly pain. Matthew & I went back again at Tuesday morning to the doctor,  still she can't find why. After doctor, we went back home and he took a nap but when he woke up he was crying loud because of pain and I was panic. I tried to reach hubby but he was out off his office without his mobile. Then, I tried to call the doctor again. The assistant said she will give my message to her and call me again.  Five minutes felt likes forever with Matthew cried all time. 

Hubby called me and said he could back early and when he did, he called doctor again. He asked permission to come to the doctor. We came again and she check up Matthew's belly again and still she didn't know why. She gave us a prescription and we took it direct for the doctor. After that, we went back to house and we received a phone call from the doctor that we could go to the hospital for echocardiogram. She made an appointment for us at 5 pm and it was 4.30 pm when the doctor called us. We were hurry. 

We are thankful that she sent us to the hospital. Matthew feels lots of better now and go to school again.

Weektaak groep 1


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