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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Weekend fun snapshots

Last weekend, we had lots of big boxes from our bathroom's furniture. The boys had great fun played with those boxes. It was Jason's idea to build a "tent" from boxes. Matthew liked it, he played almost the whole evening.

Monday morning, Matthew woke up and asked about the tent. I told him that I did clean it up. He was little bit disappointed. I came with something instead of boxes for tent, I took an old duvet cover and he was SO happy. He still play it until now ^_^

I made this one for dinner. Just love the photo effect from my new DSLR. They looks delicious isn't it. I will make more food photos with this effect.
 Love the effect


Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Rotterdam trips 2014

Continuing story about our trips to Rotterdam October last year. If you miss about my other story trips to Rotterdam, you can find it in here. This time, I will sharing some photos and story about the hotel that we stayed and the places that we saw around the hotel. 

These are the photos about our hotel's room. It was family room with 4 beds. Matthew slept between me and my hubby, meanwhile Jason slept in other room. The room was not too big for family room, but we love it. One thing that we didn't like it about this hotel was there was no parking place. We had to pay to put our car, not far from the hotel.

Hotel Room

For Matthew, it was not his first time to stay in hotel but this time was much better than before. He was so excited with the room. After rest for a while, we decided to go out to find food for our dinner. We walked around with a map at our hand, really like a tourist in own country. We ended at the Rotterdam Market hall.
Rotterdam Market Hall

Amazing building isn't it. Wait until you see inside this building. I didn't take too much photos because it was too crowded. 
Inside Rotterdam Market Hall

Matthew kept saying that he was tired and want to go back to our room. It was rarely that he said tired. Mostly if we asked him, "did you tired?" His answered always, NO. But this time was different. We went back to our room for rest. 

Next post will be about our 2nd day in Rotterdam and we visited Plaswijckpark Rotterdam. 


Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Sea Life trip 2014

October 2014
Our 2nd place to visit was Sea Life. It was not too far from Madurodam to Sea Life, but we had to walk quite far from the parking park to Sea Life. 

It was my idea to visit this place, because I wanted to make lots of under water shots. In the end, I was disappointed because the place was too dark and I can't use any flash. I tried to make few photos and these are some of them.

Sea Life

I tried to make these photos few times but only one that satisfied me.
Sea Life

This one was swimming so fast, glad I could capture it.
  Sea Life

From this trip, I could make another Underwater Calendar 2015. Available on my store. 
Last photo that I took that day, on the way to the parking park. Next post will be about the hotel and the surroundings. 
Sea Life


Thursday, January 8, 2015

Thankful lists: December & January

1. We have almost a new bathroom. Hubby and his best friend working hard since last month. I will show it photos after everything is finish. 

2. Someone give Jason, Matthew and I a ride (on Christmas's Eve) when we really need it. I was so bless for that, because if not. We had to take a bus to go to the church meanwhile the weather was best cold.


3. Same person said to me, that I can always call her if we need a ride to go to the church. She said it because she saw that we came to the church without my hubby (Hubby still busy working on our bathroom, that day).

4. Lily's mom brought Matthew to school when I had to go to somewhere with Jason. I was thankful for that too.



Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Christmas gifts & skating

Christmas morning always excited for the boys. The moment, they woke up. They hoped to open their gifts soon ^_^
Open Gifts

Both of the boys were happy with their gifts this year. As a parents, we were happy to hear that. Jason finished the B-wing Star Wars Lego with 1,5 days.

On 26 December, we went to the city for skating. For Jason, it was second time to go to skating. At the beginning of December, Jason went to skating with all his classmates for the first time. He liked it. At the beginning, Matthew was afraid but in the end he didn't want to go home. It was too fun. These are some photos that I took that day, with my new DSLR Nikon D3300 ^_^.
Jason skating
Matthew Actie

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