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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Sanctuary in Heiloo

In May, we went to a sanctuary in Heiloo. We went with my mother to take a holy water for Jason. I heard, it can help to cure his eczema. The trip took around 40 minutes. It is very peaceful place. I brought a small bottle to take some holy water ^___* from this well.

Bedavaart Heiloo

We also went to the chapel behind this well to pray and put some candles. After that, we walked around and took few shots. 

Bedavaart Heiloo

Bedavaart Heiloo


Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Matthew's birthday treats

It has been awhile since my last post. Everyday, I am busy with the boys especially when they are still on Summer holidays. My mother did return to Jakarta again around 2 weeks ago. So... my "vacation" from not cooking is finish ^____* I have to cook again every day. 

I have last month  photos from Matthew's birthday treats at school that I still not share.

Matthew's birthday treat

They were cute isn't it and it was delicious too. Matthew was so happy that day. He was standing on a chair, his teacher and the rest from the children sing few songs for him. 
Birthday at school

In the end, they were dancing ^___* Really so sweet moment, seeing those children hand by hand and happy. 
Birthday at school

Next post, will be about Matthew's birthday trip to the zoo. Enjoy your warm day and I am going back to work again. 


Thursday, July 3, 2014

Two birthdays in June

Last month, we celebrated my mother and Matthew's birthday with cakes. We didn't invite anyone. We just want to have a very simple birthday for them. These are some of their photos with they birthday cake.

At first, my mother didn't want that us buy a cake for her. She said it didn't necessary, but because the boys she was give up :D
Mother's birthday

Matthew was very happy with his birthday cake. We went to the zoo and the weather was very nice when we were there. Too bad, my mother could not go with us because she was not feel wel. I will post more photos later. 
Matthew is 3
first shot

More photos when we sing a Happy birthday song for him. 
Sing a song


Sunday, June 22, 2014

Thankful lists: Random days in June 2014

1. Hubby got two sweeties gifts from the boys. 
Father's day

2. I bought three new plants for our garden. 

3. Proud to be Jason's mom. His raport is excellent :D 

4. Celebrated my mother's birthday with a birthday cake and a song. First, she didn't want it but then she gave up because of the boys. The cake was delicious.

Mami's birthday cake


Friday, June 13, 2014

Keukenhof part 2

Outside of Keukenhof also beautiful as inside. These are some the photos that I took together with Jason. It was little bit raining, when we came.
Keukenhof 2014

It was beautiful and peace place, every where were Tulips with lots of colors. I am wondering, how they could plant it and become so beautiful like that. This one I made when the boys take a break ate a popcorn. 
Keukenhof 2014

Check my flickr account to see more photos of our trip to Keukenhof. I hope we could go there again next year. 

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