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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Last Tuesday, April 15

Matthew and I are sick. We have a cold and coughing. Although I am not 100% fit but I feel like to work again. I have lots of things to catch up. 

Last Tuesday, Matthew got a small surgery for a nose tonsils. Poor him,  he cried lots that day. He is on recovery now and he get coughing from me :(( He keeps saying:  

Matthew: Mama, if I am better. We are going with the train isn't it.
Me: Yes, we are. But first, you have to eat, drink a lots and sleep well first.

This are some of the photos that I took before and after the surgery.
Neus Amandel

I hope we are going better soon, so... we could go out. There are lots of places that I want to visit during this Easter holiday. 


Friday, April 4, 2014

Update Random days

I don't have much news to share at this moment, besides:

1. Matthew just better from chickenpox and now Jason has it. 

2. Counting days until my mother come to here and I am excited because I did have plan which places that we are going to visit while she is here. 

3. Matthew and I spent around 1 hour afternoon at the house of Matthew's classmate. It was nice and the weather also nice. I took few shots while they were "playing" together. Looking forward to visit her again sometimes.

Play together


Monday, March 24, 2014

Thankful lists: 19 - 24 March 2014

1. Matthew's 1st school photo. Now, I can't wait to see the result in over a month.

2. Cleaned our kitchen before my mother come next month :D

3. Work hard and never give up. That's what I did these days. I am glad this little help in the kitchen can help cheer me up my days ^____*

Little help in the kitchen

4. I bought this (regenton --> in Dutch). I don't know what in English word. It is to save water from raining, so we can use it to flush plants in Summer season. It is on delivery now, we will have it this week. I am so excited and can't wait more raining this days.


Wednesday, March 19, 2014


When Matthew was taking a nap, I was working with the laptop and listening music via YouTube using a headset. My headset is not the same as the shure headset mic from musicians friend.  The one that I use is just a simple headset :D

I don't follow trends in music these days, mostly I am listening to old music. My favorite bands, the ones I am still listening to, are Westlife, Michael Learns to Rock, and the Backstreet boys. Besides those boy bands, I like the songs of Michael Jackson and some of Whitney Houston songs. Who is your favorite artist? 


School photo

Today, the boys had school photos. I was so happy that Matthew didn't miss it. When Jason came back from school, I asked him how was everything at school. Did he made a photo together with Matthew, etc. During our dinner, Matthew tried to tell with enthusiastic about that photo section too to us.  I was glad that Matthew did enjoy his first time photo shoot with his classmates. 

Now, I am curious wait the result from the photos :D

At helderse Vallei

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