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Friday, April 24, 2015

Piano lessons for all ages

Northampton Massachusetts piano lessons are the best way to learn to play the piano for all ages. I can't play a piano but I used to be able to play a pianica or melodica. I learned that when I was still at elementary school. I am not an expert but because of that, I know the basics of how to play piano with 1 hand but I never learned to play with two hands.

Have you seen this video before? It is quite amazing how a four year old toddler can play a piano like that. I mean I know learning a piano is not easy, it takes years to become  an expert like that. I am wondering how old he was when he learned to play piano. Compared to our youngest child, you would think this little boy is an adult if you didn't see him first. I bet that after you hear his performance you will be in awe of how good he plays.

My mother told me that if you can play and become an expert with just one instrument, you can become a teacher for that instrument. Being a music teacher  is a well payed profession. I wish I was good with an instrument. I asked my oldest son a few times if he would like to learn to play a musical instrument like a piano or guitar, When he was younger he always was looking at guitars and actually wanted one but at that time we could not comply with his request. These days he keeps saying no, we don't know why. Still, I won't push him if he says he doesn't want to learn to play any musical instruments he in terests has changed over the years.

If you live around Northampton - Massachusetts and are interested in learning to play the piano, feel free to contact JeffO Piano Studios. He will be able to teach you piano for children and adults. Look how good this lady in the video can play the piano after her first lesson. It is never too late to learn anything.


Thursday, April 23, 2015

Thankful lists: Random days in April

1. We found everything that we need for Jason's first Holy communion. 

2. We talked with the teacher about Matthew's development and we are proud of him. Everything is better than the 3rd year development of him.

3. Matthew is starting to play with his classmate. So far, only 1 boy that he regularly play with. I am SOO happy for him. Before, I never heard he talk about his classmate but now... almost every Monday & Tuesday he talk about him. 

4. I reach my goal for online stores. It is time to set a new goal and I am sure I will reach it this year because I am working hard for that.

5. My dream come true, seeing Jason using this uniform ^_^. I am SOO happy finally he wants to learn Karate Samurai.

In Karate Samurai uniform

6. The weather was really nice these days. The boys were playing outside and had fun.
It's Spring


Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Easter 2015

On Easter day, we went to the church in the morning. The church was full of people and we knew some of them. After that, we went home and took a lunch. After lunch, hubby and I did some chores while the boys were playing them self.

Around 2 pm, I said we had to go out because the weather was really nice. The sun was shining but it was chill. We took a car because we were to lazy going with our bikes ^_^ We went not too far from our house, just around. These are some of the photos that I took. 

Around Julianadorp

Those houses are bungalows, there were lots of tourists. Mostly from our neighborhood country, Germany. The boys were playing at their outside playground. 
Around Julianadorp

I really love the views, so... I took few shots while the boys were playing.
Around Julianadorp


Thursday, April 2, 2015

Thankful lists: 16 - 31 March

1. Jason just finished read a Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone book. It was not easy to convince him to read this book. I am so happy when he decide to read it and like it, now on the way to 2nd book. This weekend, we are going to watch this 1st movie together.

2. Matthew likes to help me in the kitchen. Few days ago, I let him cut some mushroom and he was SOO happy.
little hand
3. Jason takes a Karate Samurai course. YES. I am SO happy he enjoy it.

4. Last Friday, Jason's was in the newspaper. The article was about children who are going to accept their first Holy Communion on 17 May. 
Jason is in newspaper

5. This week we had a big storm. Last Monday, I had to do groceries & go to dentist in the middle of storm with my bike. It was so scary but I was survive. I was SOO happy when I reach home safely.


Monday, March 16, 2015

Thankful lists: 01 - 15 March

1. I bought roller blades for Jason. It was on sale. I paid 17 euro which normal price 40 until 50 euro. I am so happy that I could find roller blades with this price. I still not give it to Jason yet, I wait until the weather little bit warm. 

2. The boys had 1 week school's vacation but we didn't go anywhere because hubby had to work whole week. Still we did manage to have fun, although mostly we walked around our neighbor or just at home played gadget.

Brother love

3. I am glad that not only Matthew that will help me baking, Jason helped me too baking the cookies.

4. Cute conversation between me & Matthew.

Matthew: Mama, I want a new kitchen with oven. So, I can bake cookies too.
Me: Hmmm.... We need lots of cents to saving first before we can buy that kitchen for you. That's why, mama almost everyday working on my laptop to look more cents to save.

Now, every time I work with my laptop he ask.

Matthew: Mama, do you have enough cents to buy a kitchen for me?

5. Matthew is getting better riding on his bike. I am SO happy and proud for that. I never teach Jason how to ride a bike. We bought him a new bike when he was 3 years old and he could just ride it. We think, Jason learned at school. But with Matthew, I teach him step by step how to ride a bike. That's why I am SO happy that he could ride a bike although not to fast yet.

6. Matthew's buggy almost retired now ^_^ Every day, we are walking to school. He feels really a big boy now.

Matthew and me

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