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Friday, July 31, 2015

Week 2 and 3 in July

Week 4 and still survive (the boys have a summer school vacation).  LOL... The last few days, we had a great time. There will be few places that we are going to visit next week. 

Week 2
Week 2

Matthew and I were painting. I am not too good with painting but at least we had a great moment that day. Jason went to the cinema watching film Minions with a friend and her father. On my birthday, the boys ate this delicious ice cream. The rest from the days, they had fun with gadgets. 

Week 3
Week 3
Finally we went to the beach, but not too long because we didn't bring our jacket or body warm. It was windy that day. So, next time go to the beach, have to make sure we bring that. We went to indoor playground too. The boys had great time and I bought a chocolate cake. was SO delicious and I had to share with the boys too. 


Monday, July 13, 2015

Thankful lists: Random days in July

1. We got a compliment from a pastor because during the service Matthew was behaving nice compared with two boys behind me. We are proud parents ^_^

2. We went to the carnival. It was raining a little bit . We had a great time, especially Matthew. He was happy when he was riding on the merry go round. Actually he wanted go again but one time was enough. It was quite expensive. 
At carnival

3. Finally, I finished uploading our vacation to Legoland. Now, I just have to find a time to writing down in this blog about our journey to Legoland - Germany. 

4. I survived 1 week with the boys at home, during this Summer vacation. Still have 5 weeks to go. LOL. I keep them busy by go out everyday just around our neighborhood using my bike, because I can't drive a car. 
Week 1


Sunday, July 5, 2015

Jason's 1st Karate exam

24 June 2015

We heard in the last moment that Jason allow to do the exam. We were proud & happy for him. The exam started on 6 pm and the gym was full. We were lucky that we still get a place to sit. 

This photo was taken before the exam started. I was pretty sure that he was nervous, because he didn't come on last practice.
Karate Examen

These are the photos during the exam, that we took it. 
Karate Examen
Karate Examen

I took a collage video that you can watch in here. I am glad that he enjoy learning this sport. Now, I hope Matthew will be following his step ^_^. 
Jason 1st Karate Samurai diploma


Saturday, June 27, 2015

Matthew is 4 years

Time flew so fast. Today, Matthew is 4 years old. I would like to share Matthew's first moment in these past four years.

First photo of Matthew before we went home from the hospital.
Before went home from the hospital

First time snow for Matthew
Matthew's first snow

First time to go to the beach
At the beach

First time to go to kindergartenFirst day at school

There are SO many photos of Matthew's first time that I can't share everything in here. Happy birthday, Matthew. We love you SOO much.
Matthew is 4


Monday, June 8, 2015

Thankful lists: last weekend

1. Saturday we went to the city and we bought strawberries & mangoes  to make smoothie.  

2. After that we went to the library and Jason borrow 5 books. I am SO happy that finally he found what kind of books that interest him to read. 
From library

3. Sunday, we went to a village call Tuindorp that celebrated their 100th years. We bought this food because it looks strange and we never eat that before. So... we would like to try it. I forgot the name and it was SO delicious. Too bad, we bought in small bag but next time we see it again, we definitely wants a big one.

At Tuindorp

4. There was a fun games. These are some of the photos that I took. 
At Tuindorp

5. After that, we went to the playground not far from there. The boys had fun played for a while the we went home for rest. 

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