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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Mini World Rotterdam

Continue story about our trip to Rotterdam last year on October. After Plaswijckpark, we went to Mini World Rotterdam. The boys had fun, especially Matthew. 
Mini World

Looks who I found when we were there ^_^ between those vehicles. 
Mini World

Everything is small and detail. Amazing jobs what they did in this place.
Mini World

If you are visiting Rotterdam with the children, this place is really worth to visit. I've been there twice since I live in the Netherlands. 

This will be my last post about our last year trip to Rotterdam. I am looking forward to our next vacation. We are going to Legoland, Germany. 


Saturday, February 21, 2015

Thankful lists: February 2015

1. I learn new thing about Elements actions. I am using this software for almost 8 years and i didn't know anything how this actions function work until today.  I really have to spend more time to learn this actions.


2. I just notice that Matthew interest with baking. So... I bought this cooking sets toys for him and he was jumping out when he saw it. He play it almost everyday. Who knows, he will be our master chef in few years ^_^.


This one I made when he was helping me make cupcakes ^_^.

make cupcakes

3. Jason had fun with Carnaval this year. He was wearing a ninja costume. Matthew didn't want that I took his photo with Jason.

Carnaval 2015

4. I found 3 my old friends from University. We reunited via facebook and whatsapp. It is nice to "meet" and "talk" with them again and they still remember me.


Saturday, February 7, 2015

Plaswijckpark Rotterdam

Continue story about our trip to Rotterdam last year on October.  Day 2, we went to Plaswijckpark. It is a playground paradise for the children. Too bad, we had a bad weather that day. So....the boys could not play outside the park, we stayed inside. If we didn't buy a ticket few days before our trip, we were not going to this Plaswijckpark on rainy day.

We were still happy that the boys had fun played inside. I didn't take too much photos in here. Just let them, play fun.
Plaswijckpark Rotterdam

Matthew played enough in this area ^_^
Plaswijckpark Rotterdam

It was around Halloween that day, these photos were taken at the restaurant where we were eating.
Plaswijckpark Rotterdam
It was stop with raining when we were going out :(( Jason took fast playing at this area. He had fun although it was only few minutes. 
Plaswijckpark Rotterdam

Next post still about our 2nd day in Rotterdam and we visited Miniworld.


Saturday, January 31, 2015

Thankful list: New Bathroom

Finally our new bathroom is finish last weekend. I am thankful for hubby and his best friend who already work hard for few weeks. I forgot to make photos of our old bathroom, but these are photos of our new bathroom.
New Bathroom

For that, I invited hubby's best friend & family and the boys' grandmother to have a dinner at our place. Oma helped cooking Cap Cay ^_^
Cap Cay

I made the rest, noodles and sate. They looks delicious isn't it. LOL. It is delicious, say hubby and the boys ^_^. 
Noodles Sate


Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Weekend fun snapshots

Last weekend, we had lots of big boxes from our bathroom's furniture. The boys had great fun played with those boxes. It was Jason's idea to build a "tent" from boxes. Matthew liked it, he played almost the whole evening.

Monday morning, Matthew woke up and asked about the tent. I told him that I did clean it up. He was little bit disappointed. I came with something instead of boxes for tent, I took an old duvet cover and he was SO happy. He still play it until now ^_^

I made this one for dinner. Just love the photo effect from my new DSLR. They looks delicious isn't it. I will make more food photos with this effect.
 Love the effect

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